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Why Being in a Relationship makes You Gain Weight?

One of the most common phenomena we see or have experienced ourselves is that being in a relationship is good for your health but bad for your waistline. When you are in a relationship, things slowly change. Though most of the couples try to stay healthy together and motivate each other yet most couples end up gaining weight. So, the Relationship Weight Gain is a Real Thing.

According to a new research in Australia, it was found that an individual who is in a happy relationship gained an average of 13 pounds compared to a single who gained just 4 pounds.  So, now research has also proven it that relationship weight gain is real but what could be the specific reason for it. Many of the experts believe it is not just one reason that contributes to this weight gain but many different reasons. The number of pounds gained varies from people to people depending on the age, gender, relationship etc.

1)    New couples: Candlelit dinners, pizza nights and lazing around together all seems lovely and romantic but they are not really good for your health. New love is a time-consuming process, you dump your gym routine to get more of the snuggle time and lean food changes to elaborate dinners.

2)    Partner in crime: Though most of the people before falling into a relationship tend to follow a healthier lifestyle and plan to follow the same later. However, things change once you get into a relationship. Though you keep motivating each other to live healthy and follow a body-friendly pattern. But you also help each other by having cheat meals occasionally, which eventually lead to many such cheat meals. Most of the couples end up being partners in crime where rather than motivating each other for the healthy lifestyle they start taking the downhill together.

3)     No pressure to look attractive: When you try to find a partner, the pressure to look attractive is always there. Putting an emphasis on physical appearance is a phenomenon with singles since ages. The association of weight with the appearance also plays a major role here. When this pressure to look attractive fades then couple’s feel comfortable in eating more or eating food they barred to themselves before.

4)    You get a little too comfortable: This is a naked fact that you get comfortable with the fact that nobody new will be seeing your naked body. This is quite similar to what the point above mentioned but it goes much deeper, literally deeper.

5)    No dearth of compliments: When you are in a happy relationship the compliments keep coming to your irrespective the way you look. Physical attraction may be the first thing that made you look at each other but it loses its importance as time passes. You start appreciating other qualities of the person more and tend to tell that to each other often.

6)    He or she influences your lifestyle: It is not possible that both the partners have the exact the same lifestyle or food choices. However, the food that might not harm your partner that much can take a toll on your shape as you both are practically two different people. You can’t eat mirror images food. You have different body types and your bodies have different ways to assimilate fat and carbs. If your partner is not the one who is physically active, then he or she might pull you back to the couch for some snuggle time.

Overcoming these issues are not easy but surely possible. Our next article will cover the details about how to overcome the issues of Relationship Weight Gain. Keep an eye on