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How to Touch a Man while Kissing?

There is a false belief out there that women have it easy when it comes to arousing their partner. Sadly, most of the women also believe it to be true. When we talk about intimacy or sensuality we all think only about women and how to get her turned on. You think your man wants you to go to one or two spots and they are all set for the next base. However, if you ask men they will tell you that they too have places where they want you to touch them. They love all those little touches, nibbles, licks and caresses, which can make them go wild.

According to some experts’ erogenous zones in a masculine body are like women but there some other sweet spots too which women mostly miss out.

We are going to guide you through some of the places where men love to get touched while kissing. Try this next time on your guy and you will be surprised to find out how amazingly it will change the dynamics of the sexual game.

1)    His Face: Many of the men take a lot of effort to get that perfect jawline, a nice-looking stubble or a well-groomed beard. That face has been through a lot, gentle and soft strokes of women’s hands are not just soothing but sensual too. Use both of your hands, use fingers for the grip and thumbs to stroke his chin and jaw bone. For his forehead, you can use your fingers. When you touch man’s jawlines you are subconsciously reinforcing to him that he is the masculine force in the relationship, which gives him a huge ego boost.

2)    His Neck: Like a female, the men’s also have an abundance of nerves endings on their neck. Quite frankly though different in many aspects, after all both belong to same species. Men love it as much as you do.

Start from under his ears or from the back side of the neck (just below the hairline). Gentle strokes to a little pull all work on the neck. Depending on the dynamics of your relationship you can take this to the next level and unleash your inner desires. Kiss him behind his ears, while using your hands for grip and strokes. Nibbles on the neck can make your guy go crazy. This is the ultimate turn on for guys, it works anywhere irrespective of the location you are.

3)    His Lips and Tongue: I mean I am already there what more can I do? Does this question come to your mind when we said lips and tongue? So, dear woman you need to learn a lot. Nothing is more sensual than when you initiate teasing and a little play around the mouth.

We are going to reverse the role of tongue and lips here. Take a step back from that heavy make-out session and use your tongue to gently lick his lips, get creative and tease him a little. Now ask your guy to take out his tongue and use your lips to gently suck it up. This tip guarantees a sure shot turn on.

4)    His Hairs: It is strangely both sweet and sensual when you stroke a guys’ hair.  However, it depends when you are doing it. When you do it during kissing it surely a sensual touch. The scalp is a super sensual zone, when you seductively run your fingers through the hairs it sends the intense physical stimulation. However, it might not work for all because every man’s hairs are unique. If your guy is bald you can avoid that, as this touch might become a bit clumsy. Similarly, if your guy is someone who adorns a man bun then your fingers might not get that free flow that it needs.

5)    His Ears: What’s better than an erogenous spot? It’s two spots. Yes, the ears of men are like buttons which can enhance anything that you are doing. Use your fingers, use your tongue, use your lips, all work equally well. However, some of the guys don’t really enjoy the wetness of tongue in their year. So, first, test with your fingers whether he is buying into it.

6)    His Inner Thighs: This may sound like a bit bolder move but since we are discussing changing dynamics, here you should go for it. Touching inner thighs definitely make sense as it is nearest to the sexual zone that you really want to go for. Surprise him, nothing is more erogenous than that. When you are at it make sure that you move upwards to guide the blood flow in the direction. This will get the blood pumping in this area and give him better than the usual erection.

7)    His Back: A man’s rough back likes your soft touches. Explore his back with your hands. Everything works on the back from gentle strokes to some nail digging. Its depends on you to decide the intensity you need here. Try running your fingers to the length of his spine but if your guy is tickly types you can ditch it.

Try any one of these tips or combine them all when you are going to kiss your man next time. Every touch here means different needs. Play it to your advantage. This will create a much deeper sexual connection between you and your partner. The connection which will only go upstream from there.


You may think your man wants you to go directly to one or two spots and he’ll be good. Not exactly. Just like you have certain places and ways you’d like to be touched, so does your man. And I’m not just talking about the times of intimacy.