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First Kiss of Your Life

Your First Kiss can reveal a lot for things about the connection between you and the guy you like. Though kissing a guy is instinctive, but the kiss on the first date and for the very first time could be quite intimidating. That is the reason most of the times it creates a little pressure and you start building up the situation in your head. However, it is not that tough as you think it is. Whenever you reach to the actual situation you realize that it is quite natural, easy, and simple. You just need to keep a few things in mind which can turn that simple kiss on the first date to a great one. Here we are going to give some First Kiss Tips, so you can create a memory to cherish.

How to kiss for the first time?

The Hollywood chick flicks have really ruined it for us. We attach very high standards to our kissing techniques. Don’t over think it. It is your first kiss, not the last one.
1. Fresh Breath: Avoid eating food that has a strong smell like garlic or onions before you go on a date with someone. Always brush before you meet the person or carry a few mints in the bag.

2. Looks Matter: We don’t mean you have to be good looking as per popular standards. You do look beautiful as you are. But try to be dressed up and ready for the occasion. If you are wearing a beautiful and comfortable outfit, it will uplift your self-esteem. Do not accessories too much, keep it simple. Similarly, avoid putting on too much lip gloss or heavy lipstick. Too much of anything takes away the attention from you.

3. Gentle Physical Contact: Maintain gentle body contacts like holding hands or maybe you can put your arms around his shoulders. This will give the guy an assurance that you are into him. If you think he is liking soft gentle touches, then you can always go ahead and hug him.

4. Let Him Lead: Guys enjoy taking control of the situation, let him have it.

  • Don’t pucker your lip or use tongue right away. Be gentle and slow.
  • Keep your lips relaxed and jaw stiff. Use mostly your lower lip to kiss.
  • It is always advisable to avoid French kissing on the first date.
  • Though lip to lip kiss is fine, too much use of tongue sometimes sends a wrong signal and may be uncomfortable.

5. After the Kiss: You will immediately know from his eyes and red flush on his face if you have done a good job. You also smile back to him, which reflects your happiness and intention to go for the second one.

6. Don’t Overthink: It is not rocket science don’t over complicate it in your mind. Be relaxed and it will all come naturally to you.
These simple First Kiss Tips will help you learn how to kiss better. The first kiss of your life always holds a special place in your heart, so make sure you make it special with lots of hugs and kisses.