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What are the Signs of a Cheating Partner?

Late working hours, unexpected business trips, unexplained new clothes, and gifts are some of the classic signs that your partner is having an affair. But these were the signs which are usually visible only in later stages of an affair. Discovering a partner’s affair has gone a lot easier because of the technology these days. Secretive emails, texts, chats, and credit card statements leave a long trail of evidence. However, it still depends, if your partner is better at technology as compared to you then he/she might not leave any clue behind. Below points are going to explain, What are the Signs of a Cheating Partner?


Without a clear evidence, if you move ahead and ask about it, you will be tagged as a crazy person. For that, you need to understand some clear indications and signs of cheating which you can discover without asking your partner directly.

Here are the signs your partner is cheating:

  • Changing Habits: Your partner’s behavior will just feel different. The sudden interest in driving alone, blank stares and constantly lost in some other world are some of the signs which we generally overlook. The stress of keeping the affair secret mostly takes a toll on the body. You will witness symptoms like insomnia, disinterested in eating or constant bad mood because of the stress and guilt of the affair.
  • Longer Working Hours and Business Trips: This is one of the most common excuses used by people if they are into an affair. Most of the times they also prepare an alibi to never get caught. They will also unusually stop sharing work details, though working more than before. Sudden business trips will come out of nowhere and they will not have much to share about that either.
  • Absence from Family Events or Holidays: Because of the desperation of finding time for meeting the third person, they will usually miss out on family get-togethers. The kids sporting events and dropping them for their classes suddenly lose their importance in your partner’s mind.
  • Obsession about Self-Grooming: People who are having an affair often undergo a makeover. They start taking care of themselves, staying fit and presentable seems like a priority to them. They may spend a lot of money on new clothes, colognes, perfumes etc. (Some of the goodies can also be gifts)
  • Hiding Financial Transactions: Lying about money, secret bank accounts or credit card, hiding financial details etc. are also some of the classic indications of affairs. Some even go ahead and buy a new house for their other partners.
  • Uncontrolled Emotions: Either because of the guilt or stress to hide the affair the cheating partner becomes an emotional wreck. He/ She may often pick up fights with you and may become overly sweet the next hour. He/ She becomes overly suspicious about your activities as well and may even act over possessive.
  • Child-like Excitement about trying new things: New relationship does funny things to your mind. Remember when you were in love for the first time, the kind of excitement you felt. Your partner may also show similar excitement. You may notice certain new vocabularies in his/her conversations. When one spends too much time with a person they usually catch up new words or expressions from them.

Keep an eye on our next blog as we are going to reveal what to do when you come to know your partner is cheating on you. If you know your partner is cheating, immediately learn How to Move Forward in a Relationship After Cheating.